I somehow ended up in New York Times Square’s tallest billboard

…and other things I say when I meet someone for the first time

Carl Kho
4 min readOct 30


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The first few words that came out of my dad’s mouth when I received my acceptance letter for an American university (as someone living in the Philippines) were,

“Sorry — but we can’t afford this.”

So I did what anyone in that situation would: I designed and built a website looking for sponsorships. The mayor of my city eventually sponsored a portion of the fund. Nothing too big.

The accompanying video for my website launch.

and then I usually go:

Helloooo, my name is Carl 🇵🇭, a sophomore at Minerva University.

I study in one country per semester. I spent a year in San Francisco and am currently in Seoul, South Korea. I will be heading to Germany this winter. You’ll then see me in Argentina and India for my third year. Then I’ll top it off with Taiwan and London; with me returning back to SF for a month for graduation.

The reason? Minerva’s global rotation program.

Birthday bike ride in San Francisco

I’m a Computer Science Major and a Neuroscience Minor working towards non-invasive Semantic Decoding and/or Smart Farming (automating a portion of rice production).

I have a long history with design. I started playing around with Canva in 2016. This is because I couldn’t do physical arts&crafts which, for some reason, accounted for 50% of my grades back in high school. I then fell in love with Gravit (acquired by Corel last I heard) because designing with the pen tool changed my life. I used it to win hackathons. I then became an intern at Symph.co, where I got promoted to a full-time Product Designer (youngest employee) where I worked on projects with Figma. I was later introduced to Webflow (because I’m a sucker for bringing my After Effects animations to life) and learned to be an adult.

Back to the point (thanks, ADHD), remember my for-sponsorship website? It was made in Webflow! Webflow was the reason for my appearance in New York Times Square. During my time in SF, I got the chance to build a website in under 10 minutes, join Webflow Conf 2022, and eventually get on an excruciatingly intense dad joke contest with Vlad and McGuire (photos at the end).

Webflow Speed Build 2022 Contestants

Because of those interactions, Webflow contacted me during my summer internship in Boston* for a personal branding opportunity (much love to Veronica). Turns out it was for their 10th year anniversary + biiiig rebrand (I likey). Long story short: I was treated like a king as soon as I flew into San Francisco (again) and I can now call myself a model. 😎

TIL: I have a butt chin

Congratulations, we can now skip the formalities when we talk. If you’re a recruiter — pretend I wrote this article professionally.

Feel free to say hi to me on LinkedIn.

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Shoutout to Vitoria for giving me the push to write this over acai 🫐

Unsolicited Gallery

“Bold Moments” at Webflow HQ
“Do you dive?”
Minervans started calling me Figma boy ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Carl Kho

Designed my way to seven countries. Sophmore at Minerva University (2026). Open to product design roles (summer internships). https://www.carlkho.com/