My thoughts on the act of pooping

A closeup of a leaf in Villas Magallanes featured in “The Color of Water” charity on Unsplash by Yours Truly

Defecate, excretion, secreting waste, cleaning our intestines, posterior gumball machine. The way we think about the activity where we rid ourselves of material can sometimes be offensive in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Especially on the table. I let my mind roam free as I sit on the toilet, wondering why my brown lumps of clay won’t set itself free.

Let’s start with the idea of mentioning poo. Others hate it and let out an audible gag quickly followed by a “don’t say that!” or “gross!”. Individuals like me shrug it off because I see it as a natural process made by our bodies to avoid poisoning itself. On the other hand, I also acknowledge that humans are visual thinkers. So when they hear of the word “poo”, their brains take cognitive shortcuts and take them to Google Results — >Image of the worst memory of poo they have. Probably something green and wormy. Okay, I’m not helping.

Either way, I firmly believe that we should treat the idea of excretion more seriously. Going to the same level as we would on fat shaming and accepting the LGBTQ+ community. Because as far as I know, in the first episode of Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates (2019), the documentary emphasized the fact that dirty water has killed plenty of individuals and is exactly why Gates is shelling out millions of dollars to make unsanitary living areas a thing of the past.



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