PH Tributes for the Hungary Games

This article was written by yours truly in anticipation of the courtesy call with Lapu-Lapu mayor, Ahong Chan, following our win in the Philippines Robotics Olympiad 2019.

“Come, let us huddle up and pray, guys!” The Claret team’s coach inviting me to join them. I positioned myself next to Claret teams A and B, thanking God for giving me yet another opportunity to shine and represent my country with pride. Not forgetting to remain grateful for the newlyfound knowledge and of course, friends.

The World Robotics Olympiad, where cold rivalry smoothly transitions to heartwarming camaraderie. Like melting butter on a freshly-baked pancakes. Once again, I would really like to extend my arms of gratitude to God for obvious reasons. To Felta Multimedia for giving us wandering Filipinos the chance to be technologically independent. And to my beloved school, Marigondon National Highschool for choosing us, students to be delegates, to bring the name of the school, then Lapu-lapu, until eventually, after all the unforgiving sleepless nights, hopeless moments of having your brain itself rejecting newer knowledge for it feels bloated, the Philippines. I’ll be honest, the presence of the cliché “There were times where we felt left behind, on the verge of quitting. But to God be all the glory for he had us survive.” was strongly felt.

“There were times where we felt left behind, on the verge of quitting. But to God be all the glory for he had us survive.” — Carl Kho, Captain of the MNHS Robotics Team ‘16-’19

Before all the screaming and winning happened, we were stationed at our humble abode, The Hoops Dome Robotics Training Center. We were destined to lose, and when all hope seemed lost. Let me just say God brought us an angel in the form of Sir Terence of Team Marigondon Elementary School. Our robot was maneuvering oh-so shamefully until he led us back on track. Introducing us to PID Control System, knowledge of college level. “Great, now we’re using calculus!” I thought to myself. Turns out it wasn’t all that bad. A day before the competition we’ve had it all crammed. Our robots (almost) ready for battle, we took them in.

Fast forward after the preliminaries. Finally! After 3 excruciating years of mediocrity, we’ve finally made it in the big league. Beating the likes of La Salle. I don’t know what to say. Getting to represent our Motherland in an international game of wits. It’s nerve-wracking, but satisfying. When we talk Philippines, we’re usually behind in this Technology game. We’re usually the ones getting scoffed at. Now’s our chance to redeem ourselves. Hungary for victory. Hand in hand, let us show them what we are made of. But when all is said and done, the majority won’t remember you for your capabilities, eyes are still on the attitude you’ve shown them. We may not win trophies, but we are soon going to be the proud winners of their hearts.



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Carl Kho

Carl Kho

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