“This is my favorite part of the job”

Young man covered in sticky notes by Luis V.

I started my internship for Symph two (2) years ago and did plenty of creative work while strengthening my foundations in web development. This has drastically increased my level of maturity, and, fast forward today: while I still enjoy solving solutions for projects (especially those who grant me creative freedom), I could not help but wonder if what I’m doing is healthy for my soul.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful and am very lucky to have Symph as my first company and dare I say work family — cliché, but that’s how I really feel towards the people I work with. The pandemic may be a factor, or it may be due to the fact that I’m predominantly ENTP-A (my last MBTI test resulted in me being an ENTJ-A), but I am starting to dislike the idea of my daily routine consisting of me in a chair 24/7. Past me would have been so happy because I would then get to clear my backlog of games, but after having a taste of travelling the world and scaling new heights (which I feel like will also grow on me but I hope it does not), the wanderer in me says “more!”

I told our COO last week that I wanted to go full-time to prepare myself for college financially. However, after getting on a call with the (super friendly) head of Asia from Minerva University, Trang (did I mention I’m a future Minervan? #humbleBrag), and told me about how her favorite part about the job, which was getting the surprised reactions and emotional gratitude from students upon learning that Minerva will sponsor and co-facilitate an appreciatory/congratulatory party with them, I could not help but ponder on that comment she made.

Assuming I successfully negotiate my financial aid package to be friendlier for parents, I get the privilege of breathing easier. Sure I could save up for my Macbook and flight to San Francisco, but it’s something I can also achieve with my part-time salary. My soul specifically seeks to venture ‘round the Philippines and make more memories with my family, friends, and girlfriend to make my remaining months in the Philippines sulit (Tagalog for the expression “making the most out of it”).

I will ponder on this and may conduct a deep solo sprint with myself. I have devoted plenty of seemingly wasted hours to listing out my credentials, taking tests like the SAT & IELTS, hitting the backspace key plenty of time during the essays for UBC and U of T. Surely I have to keep the momentum going, right?



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Carl Kho

Carl Kho

Carl is a student product designer who writes about his experiences — A distracted conveniator, if you may. Looking for college sponsorship @ carlkho.com