Why I loved The Mitchells vs the Machines

Whacky details; Cherry on top — Photo from Sony Pictures

Surprise blockbuster “The Mitchells vs the Machines” continues to be the most decorated animated film of the year. The animated comedy/science-fiction by Sony answers the question “If A.I. is so good, what value is left in humanity?” Cue, the Mitchells family. Like any modern-day family, their members are also filled with gadgets-obsessed children and parents who deliberately try to kill screen time whenever possible. Surprisingly, they respond to the question with utter imperfection. Crummy subordination, uncoordinated efforts, and arguments all over. This made for a very relatable capable of reeling in emotion from the viewers. In the family’s effort of trying to save the world. Which was caused by an A.I. wreaking havoc on the entire world with its robot army by the way. The Mitchells transitioned from fighting each other to working together in subtle actions. As a family movie, this benefits the overall effect of the film by giving parents and children who are struggling to “connect” with each other hope. Hope that they, too, can also bond like The Mitchells on screen. Not only that, but the animated film also shows that young digital creators are achieving incredible things and that, when used right, this form of connectedness can be a powerful force via the main character, Katie.

Manning the wheel to drive on the technical aspects of the show (as Katie oh-so-epically learns), the visuals of the film were very innovative too. As a formal and professional studio: sounds, transitions, dynamics and story were all well-timed. In fact, they adapted on the technology used in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This gave the film a very rigged, handmade feel. Thing was, the animations were made by computers. As a plus, the movie kept to its theme of having it feel as if it were made by amateur filmmakers with the additional detail of green screen spills. The homey “dank” meme editing in between the films by Katie was a much-needed touch for the audiences of today. A generous mix of kinetic typography, liquid motion, traditional-ish animation, stop-motion, and CGI.

The Mitchells vs the Machines paints the pursuit of a creative course in college green. Meaning, more and more aspiring filmmakers are encouraged to take up their dream course as, the situation proves it, it has never been more profitable. The animated film successfully rounds up all elements of a successful motion media in a way that not only entertains viewers, but also leaves them with lessons sure to lead them well as they click play on life again. Personally, that is why I think it managed to garner so many awards.




Carl is a student product designer who writes about his experiences — A distracted conveniator, if you may. Looking for college sponsorship @ carlkho.com

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Carl Kho

Carl Kho

Carl is a student product designer who writes about his experiences — A distracted conveniator, if you may. Looking for college sponsorship @ carlkho.com

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